Licensed Electrical Wiring for Commercial, Residential & Pole Barns Near You

Licensed Electrical Wiring Services for Commercial, Residential and pole barns in Delaware & Maryland

Our expert team of licensed electricians provide residential and commercial electrical wiring services for homes, buildings, and pole barns in Greenwood, Delaware, as well throughout Sussex County, Kent County, and Sussex County Delaware. We also provide services throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


Safely and effectively power every corner of a home or building with our fully licensed Wiring expert.

Proper wiring is essential to ensuring safe and reliable access to electrical power. Whether the job involves new construction, renovations to a fixer upper, or building an addition onto an existing home, All American Electric is prepared to handle any residential and pole barn electrical wiring.

Wiring for added convenience

New wiring can provide homeowners with easy access to electrical power in any part of the home. Instead of fumbling with unsightly extension cords or powerstrips, homeowners can place outlets in convenient locations around the house. This enables them to simply and discretely plug in their devices directly into a wall receptacle. They can also place their heavy appliances anywhere suited to the design and functionality of the home.

Update existing wiring

Over the past few decades, safety guidelines for electrical wiring has undergone many changes. It used to be that homes were wired with either aluminum wiring or knob and tube which create high temperatures and put homes at risk of fire. Today, electricians use copper wire, which is much safer and more reliable. Updated codes and regulations have helped create safer, more effective practices. At All American Electric, our team of experts abide by strict protocols that ensure your job is done to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Have a licensed electrician install electrical wiring or rewiring for your home, building or Pole barn.

Electrical Wiring Services by Licensed Electricians in Delaware & Maryland

3-steps to residential wiring

Rough In

Our team begins each project by establishing temporary electrical service so homeowners or other contractors can continue their tasks without the need of a generator.

Rough In

After temporary electrical service has been established, our team will begin setting and mounting the housing for any electrical components such as the main electrical panel, receptacle boxes, recessed light cans, fan boxes, cable boxes, smoke detectors boxes, kitchen appliance boxes, etc. Next, we will run wiring and a feed (power supply) to each circuit from the main panel. Wiring is run in a neat and organized fashion through wall studs and above ceiling joists in the attic or below floor joists in the crawl space and inserted into the electrical boxes and stripped out. We will then have the “rough in” work inspected and perform a walk through with the homeowner.

Trim Out

Once the drywall work has been completed, we will install the necessary switches, receptacles, and established wired connections to any and all devices. We will then hook up the HVAC system, sofit lighting, and any other exterior electrical components. Once all of the connections have been completed, we will have a final inspection and walk through with homeowner.