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Don’t Own an Electric Vehicle Charger Yet? 4 Reasons it’s Time to Get One Now!

Electric vehicles (EV) are the hottest trend that is taking the world by storm. I mean, they are literally storming down highways and city streets. In fact, your next Uber ride just might be an electric vehicle!

Well, we absolutely love how popular electric cars have become, especially in Delaware. They are quieter, greener, and require less maintenance. Quite frankly, EVs are just cooler.

However, just as you freak out when your phone’s battery hits the 10% mark, we imagine EV owners to react the same way. Like electronic devices, EVs also need to charge.

So the question that poses itself then is: where do electric vehicles charge?

Since we compared EVs to phones, we know what you’re probably thinking – people just charge them at home. While that’s essentially what happens, logically, this can’t be the futuristic procedure. If that’s the case, EV owners can simply kiss road trips goodbye.

There need to be some substantial changes that need to be in place to make room for electric cars – trust me, we won’t have a choice but to do that. Bloomberg New Energy Finance analysts have predicted that electric cars could outsell gasoline-powered cars by 2040 – yeah, that’s just 19 years away.

Oh, and did we tell you that 7-Eleven plans on installing 500 EV charging ports in the US and Canada by the end of next year? Yes, that’s right.

Here are some reasons as to why EV chargers are an essential prerequisite to ensure the use of electronic vehicles keeps steadily progressing.

Longer Journeys

Installing EV chargers enables longer journeys, as there’s the reliability of being able to have access to charging in case the car’s battery runs low. Currently, electric cars average about 200 miles on a charge. However, according to Seth Goldstein, an electric vehicle industry researcher at Morningstar, predicts that electric cars will average around 300 miles within 10 years.

Greater Reliability

With the lack of EV charger placements, EV owners probably have to constantly worry about charging during the duration of their journey. With an EV charger, there is greater reliability of being able to charge whenever need be.

Increased Customers

From a business point of view, investing in an EV charger could be one of the most futuristic decisions you could take. Hotel guests immensely appreciate being able to charge their EVs while they charge themselves.

In fact, hotels and vacation-rentals are catching on to this, and have started offering EV charging as an amenity, attracting many customers that drive electric vehicles. It’s sort of like the complimentary breakfast amenity for green drivers.

Increased Employee Attraction and Retention

With home prices on the rise, it’s common for employees to be situated farther from their offices, which means longer distances for them. Having to travel an electric vehicle for a longer distance with no assurance of when and where you’ll be able to charge it next sounds like, well, a nightmare.

Installing an EV charger at your office would have many employees squealing with joy. Not only does that greatly help their charging shortage anxiety, it will also help increase their productivity since they will be more willing to work longer hours.

Furthermore, having EV charging installations will set you apart in the eyes of potential candidates, and can help you in creating a better and more productive workforce.

Electric vehicles have become quite popular in Delaware as well, so All American Electric sought this as a great opportunity to offer efficient, reliable EV charger installations. Not only do we offer premium services, but we actually quite enjoy it, as EV charger installation is a fast and clean process.

Now that we know that electric vehicles are the future, it’s almost necessary that generators are in place for sudden power outages. Imagine having a sudden power cut, and breathing a sigh of relief to see your phone fully charged, but gasping at the thought of your car being uncharged – it sounds stressful, but there’s something hilariously ironic about that situation.

All American Electric acknowledges this problem and offers reliable solutions by including backup generator installation to support EV chargers – the total win-win solution!

If you’re still not sure whether you want to invest in an EV charger, here’s one final reason that we’re sure is going to be a deal sealer for you. The U.S. federal tax credit gives individuals a tax credit of 30% (that amounts to up to a $1,000) if they purchase qualified residential fueling equipment before December 31st, 2021.

Furthermore, if you’re a Delmarva Power residential customer, live in a single-family house, and install a Level 2 smart charger at your home, you may be eligible for a $300 rebate.

Told you we had a deal sealer for you! Hurry up and call All American Electric in Delaware for the best generator – and EV charger installation – solutions, and never let a power outage hinder your progress again!

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