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7 Reasons Why Your Clinical Laboratory Needs a Standby Business Generator

Facing a power outage is not convenient for anybody. However, facing a power outage at your home is one thing; a private clinical laboratory without power is cause for concern.  

Like various other industries, private clinical labs too have become vastly technology-driven, relying on machines and equipment for their vaccines and specimens. In the case of a power outage, systems will come to a halt.  

Unlike other industries, a break in the operations of a clinical lab does not only affect the business, it puts people’s lives at risk since vaccines and specimens require controlled environments and systems to survive. 

Given its nature, it’s surprising to see that the importance of clinical labs having standby business generators is often overlooked. Keep reading to find out some of the reasons why installing generators in labs and other medical facilities is an absolute must.  

  1. Provides Power to Critical Machinery that Holds Vaccines/Samples 

By far, this has got to be the most important reason. In another industry, a power outage is inconvenient, but it’s not a HUGE deal. Some employees might actually enjoy being out of power, as it gives them a chance to relax and not work. Lab technicians and pathologists, on the other hand, can equate this situation to being a nightmare.  

There are so many machines holding specimens and vaccines that depend on power. Even a few seconds of being without power can cause temperature fluctuations – affecting the potency of certain vaccines and samples. Standby business generators kick start the power supply immediately, leading to minimal disruption or damage. 

  1. Preserves Medicines, Vaccines and Samples and Controls Waste  

It’s common for vaccines and certain medications to be preserved in tightly controlled temperatures. Furthermore, blood samples and other medical samples also need to be stored in cool temperatures to maintain their integrity. Power cuts might actually affect result accuracy.  

Medicines are not the only thing that need colder temperatures. Many labs house complete blood banks, which can be spoiled if there is a power outage, leading to a ton of wastage.  

Standby business generators do not only help prevent spoilage, but these can save the lab a lot of money that could be lost otherwise.  

  1. Keeps Data Secure and Communication on Track 

Labs have to handle a ton of patient information on a day to day basis. Creating and sending out reports is a major part of their operations. In essence, they thrive on communication, both internally and externally.  

Labs also receive a ton of calls regarding emergency cases from hospitals – waiting to identify the disease for patients that are critically ill, so the right type of medication can be administered. 

Let’s consider the ongoing pandemic; millions of people are battling the virus, and needless to say, labs all over the world are being flooded with samples. A disruption in communication even for a short while can be catastrophic.  

Generators prevent communication interruptions and ensure smooth operations throughout a power outage. 

  1. Guarantees Smooth Operations During Extreme Weather Conditions 

Extreme weather conditions can cause unpredictable power cuts that can even last for days – the recent Texas power outage is an example many of us can relate to. Clinical labs need to be operational even through such weather conditions, and standby business generators guarantee precisely that.  

Furthermore, natural disasters or extreme weather conditions can result in an influx of patients at hospitals due to accidents or unfortunate incidents. In such situations, clinical labs can’t afford to lower the power supply. 

  1. Better Patient Experience 

You can’t expect a patient who had to suffer through a power outage and delayed reports to have a positive experience. Essentially, patients (and hospitals) are the customers of clinical labs, so it’s a priority to ensure that their experience is as smooth as possible.  

Standby business generators ensure that clinical laboratories maintain their standards and do not cause any hindrance to the patients and hospitals.  

  1. Boosts Operational Efficiency  

Other than medical facilities, clinical labs require power for a lot of other operations, such as HVAC systems, security systems, as well as administrative tasks.  

For instance, power outages can cause computers to shut down abruptly. This can lead to a loss in data, which can be severely problematic. Standby business generators help maintain operational efficiency within clinical laboratories.  

It’s safe to say that ensuring clinical labs have a backup power supply is of utmost importance, which is why most states require that clinical labs have generators. Standby business generators do more than keep patient care moving. Instead, they ensure that the whole system keeps running as seamlessly as possible.  

Having said all that, securing a reliable generator for your lab is not an easy task. Based on their requirements, labs need large standby business generators that can supply a generous amount of power.  

All American Electric, an authorized PowerPro Elite Plus Generac Dealer and Installer, can help you find an ideal generator for your laboratory. We offer customer support at all times – that’s right, we’re available 24/7 — so you can count on us if your generator needs any emergency maintenance.  

Investing in a standby business generator that guarantees maximized performance and reliability at all times is crucial for labs. And we are known to provide top-quality standby business generators that ensure all vital functions —analyzers, cryogenic freezers, computers, biological/specimen storage systems, etc. —continue operating smoothly and efficiently. 

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